SugarTop Philosophy

SugarTop Buddery is the brain child of celebrated musician and cannabis enthusiast Jarrod Kaplan and sister Anna Kaplan. The SugarTop brand began limited recreational sales in October 2015, launching the Mondo and Stubby Bat Pre-Roll line in addition to flower and limited collaborative batches of shatter with Regis Philburn.

The SugarTop signature Mondo and Stubby Bats offer a variety of SugarTop Strains in 1.2g and .6g pre-rolls that are packaged in reusable doob tubes.

A large part of the company philosophy is supporting the arts within the cannabis community to bring people together. The concept of focusing on pre-rolls is rooted in the old-school mentality of social smoking and how passing around a joint can elevate people as well as ideas.


- ART -

2017 Events

SugarTop in the News

Tokes 'n' Treats is the first event of it's kind in Eugene that encourages local businesses and dispensaries to cross-promote each other to empower the cannabis industry and community as a whole. The event was conceptualized and founded by Anna Kaplan and local marketing consultant, Greg Butler.

The 2016 event was supported by cannabis businesses, local restaurants, a local brewery and even an adult sports league! The Tokes 'n' Treats route encouraged participants to visit sponsoring dispensaries to collect “Tokes” (SugarTop Bats). “Treats” were awarded to participants in the form of free admission to the Halloween Bash and an item of event merchandise for each dispensary they visited. The Halloween Bash had over 500 people in attendance and supported incredible local artists Sol Seed and Soul Vibrator. Tokes 'n' Treats was truly an event that brought together cannabis, music and the community to celebrate the spirit of Halloween!